Albany is home to many of the top bicycling trails in New York, including the famed Erie Canal Trail and the Mohawk-Hudson Hike-Bike Trail. While there are literally hundreds of miles of bike and multi use trails, five stand out as some of the best and considered a “must ride” for any cyclist.  The Morgan State House is centrally located to all the trails and offers free enclosed bike storage for all guests as well as a ride pack with energy bars, water and more.  For those who are not looking for a dedicated trail, Albany is a very bike-friendly town and you can enjoy a ride through Washington Park, downtown and surrounding communities.

If you are looking for a great trail ride, consider these five.  Enjoy and ride safe. 

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Erie Canalway Trail

In total the Erie Canalway Trail is an impressive 360 miles that spans between Albany and Buffalo.  Lucky for you the full ride is not required and the 39-mile stretch to Little Falls is a great way to get out and enjoy a ride.  The trail follows the river and has plenty of stopping off points for sightseeing, dining, or just relaxing.

Nearly the entire trail, and all of the trail in Albany, is paved, on-road, or stone dust. 

If you are biking through the trail, Albany has plenty to offer and the Morgan State House is ideal for the beginning, or end of your trip.  The Morgan State House has free bike storage and partnerships with local bikeshops to handle any repairs, tune ups, or new gear you’ll need to tackle the trail.

Erie Canalway Trail Resources:

Mohawk Hudson Hike-Bike Trail

The Mohawk Hudson is a great ride along the 86-mile stretch between Albany and Rotterdam and is considered the Albany area’s premier bike trail.  Consisting entirely of pavement or packed stone dust it is ideal for a road bike.  The over 50 trail access points, including over 20 with dedicated parking lots, make it the perfect choice for a family bike ride, group ride, or serious test.  The trail is also just minutes from the Morgan State House front door so you can grab a free power bar and drink before heading our for a great ride.

Mohawk Hudson Hike-Bike Trail Resources:

Albany Pine Bush Trail

Get ready for an amazing 20-mile ride with a mix of woodland, marshlands and a variety of trail conditions.  The trail is located in the 3,200 acre Albany Pine Bush Preserve.  This trail is best suited for mountain or hybrid bikes as the trail does venture offroad and some areas may have slight puddles and loose soil.  Also, consider while this is a fantastic bike trail you’ll also be sharing the trail with horseback riders and hikers. 

The Albany Pine Bush Preserve and trail system is only 7 miles away from the Morgan State House, making it an easy ride right from our free bike storage garage.

Albany Pine Bush Trail Resources:

Grafton Lakes State Park

Just a short 30 minute drive gets you out of the city of Albany to Grafton Lake State Park and their 25 miles of trails.  The trails are maintained and constantly improved by a group of local riders and is well worth the trip.  The trails are almost entirely offroad and best suited for mountain bikes.  A family can absolutely enjoy a ride, though some level of skill is recommended. One thing to consider about Grafton Lakes is well… the amazing lakes, which have become a destination for beach goers and nature lovers alike.  If you are looking for a ride here, be sure to bring your swim suit if the weather is right.

Grafton Lakes State Park Trail Resources:

John Boyd Thacher State Park Trails

Thacher State Park is just 15 miles from the Morgan State house and definitely one you want to ride. Thacher State Park’s trail system winds you through 25 miles of primarily double track trails with elevations changes of 900ft.  This is the fastest of the trails and is one to keep on the top five list.  The park does see a good volume of guests, so be prepared for seeing others on your ride.  The park has also recently put in a new skills park as well to test your riding ability.

If you go, bring a camera, this is the most picturesque of all the rides and provides amazing vistas of both the Adirondacks, Catskills, and Green mountains. 

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Albany Biking Trails

What You Need to Know About Albany’s Bike Trails:

  • Albany is the hub of the top bike trails in New York, including the Erie Canal Trail
  • Over 200 miles of bike trails and paths
  • The Morgan State House offers Free bike storage for all riders and special bonuses

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