The Morgan State House

The Brownstone

The Morgan State House at 393 State Street was the lifelong home of Alice Morgan Wright, who resided here from 1888 until her death in 1975. The house was designed by R.W. Gibson, for her father, Henry Wright, who made a fortune in dry goods during the Civil War. The multiple peaked gables and intricate interior details reflect Gibson’s love of the Japanese aesthetic of the 1880’s, which presaged modern American art.  

Ms. Wright was among America’s most noted figures in obtaining women’s suffrage who, after being jailed in London with Emaline Pankhurst, returned to New York where in 1921 she helped found the New York League of Women’s Voters. An influential artist of the Art Deco style, Ms. Wright maintained a studio on the fourth floor of the house and her works may be found in museums and private collections throughout the country.

This remarkable and historic brownstone is now the Morgan State House, located on a quiet, tree-lined residential street overlooking Washington Park.

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